Bobbin Chicken Isn’t Just For Bobbins

It never fails to amaze me, the reaction to posting a photo of a game of #bobbinchicken or even #bindingchicken. If you’ve not heard of either game in sewing or quilting, it’s when you are sewing merrily along and manage to finish your seam with less than 12 inches of thread left on the bobbin, which you notice before starting the next seam. Binding Chicken is similar in that it refers to the amount of binding needed to finish the quilt rather than the bobbin thread.

Admittedly, it is possible to loose both Bobbin Chicken and Binding Chicken on the same quilt in the span of five minutes. At that point your best course of action is to stand up, calmly walk away, and maybe eat some chocolate, or take some deep breaths, or pet something soft or pretty like your fabric stash or a pet.

Yes, there are machines fancy enough to have low bobbin sensors, but a game of bobbin chicken really comes to life in the stitching of long borders to quilt tops, or attaching binding. It’s particularly painful to chain piece 20 units, only to discover the bobbin gave it up on unit three.

We took the liberty of documenting the rules for bobbin chicken on the back of a t-shirt, and it’s proven to be popular on our shop site. Click through to see all the colors available!

Author: Pam

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