A Note About the Virtual Stitch-Ins

As we were preparing for the usual Virtual Stitch-In this Friday, we discovered that Google Hangouts on Air is no more, now replaced by YouTube Live. The benefit of GHOA was support for up to 10 people joining in the fun on camera, while also streaming on our YouTube channel for others to watch who didn’t want to be on camera or caught the replay later.

With YouTube Live, however, the group-share capabilities are no more, and in fact, we’re a bit worried about how the mechanics of just having the two of us on screen would work.  There’s some handwaving about encoding and bitrates and whatnot, all complicated by the fact that Lynn records on a iPhone and Pam on her laptop, so encoding software platforms aren’t even consistent across those two devices.

We might have to *gasp* go old school and physically be in the same room in front of the same camera until we can work it out. Either way, there should be some sort of virtual stitch-in posted Friday evening with the two us, but alas, the days of the larger group appearing on camera seem to be done.

We hope you’ll bear with us through this transition; since viewer numbers were always higher for the replay than the number of participants on camera with us we think it’ll be okay. Stay tuned for an update on how it’s all going to work this Friday evening after episode 204 of The Stitch comes out!

Author: Pam

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